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How to look your best

How to prepare...

What to wear...

Hair Styling

Bold solids

Hair cuts and styling should be done 7-10 days prior to your headshot in order to give your hair time to reset to its most natural and flattering length.


We are making a headshot that you will be using to get promoted, send to casting agencies, or use to represent your brand. 

Women are encouraged to engage the help of a professional makeup artist. Ask for a referral if needed.

Keep it light and natural.

Bring some along with you to retouch during the shoot if needed.


Drink water in the days leading up to your photos.  It will alleviate under-eye circles and other blemishes.

Exfoliate and moisturize the day before, not the day of.


Any significant hair removal (i.e. shaving off a beard or mustache) should be done a few days prior to your shoot in order to allow the skin to heal from any nicks or irritation

Find a solid color that flatters your hair and skin color. 

Prints and patterns pull attention away from the face.

Your best color is probably a color that is already in your closet.

Minimize white & black

Use these under sweaters or jackets, but not as your primary wardrobe pieces. 

Don't accessorize

Keep it simple.  Scarves and jewelry tend to draw attention away from what is really important.

It fits

If it's too tight or too loose, it probably isn't the right choice for headshots.  Suit coats  and blazers should be able to button without pulling, and collars with ties should come close to the neck.

Neck Ties

A full Windsor knot will look best in your final images.  If you need help with necktie knots, visit

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